May 19, 2022

Improve Your Damage Prevention Efforts with 811 Ticket Management

A 13% increase in infrastructure projects is forecast between 2021 and 2022, with expectations for continued growth. This translates into more 811 tickets to manage. Software or technology, such as 811 ticket management, used in the damage prevention process provides the greatest ROI potential, according to CGA’s Next Practices Initiative’s Report to the Industry. Without the right technology, most organizations will struggle.

Why invest in an 811 ticket management system?

One of the primary software platforms used in damage prevention is an 811 ticket management system. Because this system integrates with the platforms used by one call centers to manage dig tickets submitted by excavators or homeowners, many also refer to them as one call ticket management systems. An 811 ticket management system:

  • Automates tasks to simplify the field workflows and optimizes time spent per ticket
  • Generates clear responses when there is no apparent conflict to enhance the response time for excavators
  • Documents locates with photographs and other details for additional peace of mind and verification in the event of damage
  • Integrates data with your system of record, including GIS, ERP, EAM and more
Why many companies are interested in 811 ticket management now

Even without the projected growth of projects, damage prevention programs are under pressure due to several factors, including:

  • Aging infrastructure
  • Decarbonization to electrification amid the energy transition
  • Microgrids
  • Heightened focus on safety and resilience due to failures
  • New PHMSA regulations
  • Severe weather events and wildfires
  • Complexity of networks
  • 24/7 connection

Utilities, oil and gas, telecom and media, and transportation companies are looking for ways to accelerate digital transformation and improve processes, automation and data quality amid these pressures.

Another reason a growth surge is expected in 811 tickets is because the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act authorized $550 billion of new spending over the next five years. There is also a $500 billion resilience investment gap to respond to risks from climate change effectively, according to ICF. This means more projects, more digs and more 811 tickets.

Utilities and other companies with critical network infrastructure are accelerating the adoption of third-party software to help manage 811 tickets, maximize operational efficiency and optimize their damage prevention programs.

What to look for in a comprehensive 811 ticket management SaaS platform

Whether you’re still managing 811 tickets manually or your current ticket management system is outdated and no longer meets your needs, here are some questions to ask when considering a new solution:

  • How does the system support damage prevention, asset protection and risk management processes?
  • How does the tool integrate with other applications to facilitate timely communication between excavators and asset owners? Does it integrate with other systems critical to your operations?
  • What automation is available to streamline the flow of communication and data from the field to the asset owner and one call centers?
  • How does the technology analyze data to provide risk analysis and next best action recommendations?
  • Does the 811 ticket management provider have partnerships that extend the platform’s functionality?
  • Is there an ability to configure solutions to accommodate your specific business needs?
  • How does the tool help asset owners remain compliant?
  • What functionality is available to support workload management and productivity?
  • Is the platform equally effective with or without internet access?
  • What data and technology are available such as parcel data, map layers, augmented reality and more to enhance information used by locators on-site to improve the accuracy of locates?
  • How many years of experience does the solutions provider have in 811 ticket management?
  • What’s the uptime/downtime of the solution?

Accelerate digital transformation with 811 ticket management

One misguided excavation can result in serious injury, massive outages and more. With the right 811 ticket management system, you can enhance your damage prevention efforts. Are you ready for the future? Request a demo today to see what UtiliSphere™ can do for you.

Shane Mattix has been with Irth Solutions for 4 years and currently serves as the Technical Sales Leader. He has been working with clients for the past 15 years as a Solutions Engineer providing client-focused solutions which allow companies to meet and exceed their goals. Crossing over multiple different industries and multiple different disciplines allows him to have a comprehensive view of technology and how it applies to any organization.

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