Managing Risk and Protecting Assets in the Energy Industry

Energy companies must be vigilant about monitoring their pipelines while also navigating unpredictable geopolitics and more strict greenhouse-gas-emission targets.

With all this pressure, you need software that can document near misses, record patrol operations and other regulatory compliance activities on your assets, manage 811 tickets and increase workforce efficiency while proactively identifying issues that increase risk. We help you keep environmental events from happening. 

Our SaaS platform is the most comprehensive solution available. It helps energy companies digitize and automate their exploration, production, transmission and delivery workflow processes for better operational efficiency. The power to break down silos of information provide additional tools for damage risk analysis, mitigation and management.

Protect every stage of your company’s process from exploration and production to refineries and storage with Irth Solutions.

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See How a Large Utility Company Decreased Damages by 29% and Saved $400,000 Using Irth Solutions Damage Risk Analysis.

Risk Management, Damage Prevention and Critical Asset Protection in One Platform

When your critical network infrastructure is mostly underground, you’d think it would be easier to protect. With our SaaS platform, it can be.


Our platform has helped customers reduce excavation-related incidents by up to 35%.


Our customers have improved their workflow efficiencies by up to 55%.

Our SaaS platform helps automate processes and optimize workflows for aerial patrols, foreign line crossings, 811 ticket management and more from within one system with the ability to integrate that data into your system of record.

  • UtiliSphere has taken our pipeline division from several manual paper/Excel processes to an automated, digital platform. Reports are easier to run, the platform is surprisingly flexible and customer support is wonderful.

    Sr. Director of Operations and Engineering
    Fortune 500 Energy Company

    See How Irth Solutions Can Manage Risk, Prevent Damage and Protect Assets – Safely

    Irth Solutions is the leading provider of cloud-based asset protection solutions to improve resilience of critical asset infrastructure, including their flagship solution for 811 ticket management. Artificial intelligence and analytics power additional insights for early detection of emerging problems. Irth Solutions has helped hundreds of customers execute the work that is most important to their success in a world where safety, resilience and reliability are paramount. 

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