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Analyze risk factors to your network infrastructure and prescribe action.

It’s not enough to know about activity around your critical network infrastructure. We appreciate the need to understand the level of risk different activities pose to your assets so you can respond efficiently and appropriately, especially when resources are constrained.

Our risk management offerings lean on our industry expertise, advanced algorithms, and the data we collect about locations, excavators, and assets to prioritize and recommend the next best action. Damage Risk Analysis and Risk Scoring help you quantify and qualify the level of risk to your assets. Some clients have seen a more than 30% reduction in damages when using our risk-scoring engine to improve their damage prevention program.

Damage Risk Analysis

Automatically analyze ticket and damage data for common risk factors and be directed to the next best action.
  • Customize risk factors based on your specific needs and tolerances.
  • Leverage automated risk analysis to make data-informed decisions and action plans.

  • Drive the next best action for each 811 ticket within Utilisphere.

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Risk Scoring

Leverage the SmartScore damage risk analysis engine to score every ticket against risk factors configured by you and automatically highlight tickets that require more attention.
  • Gain more insight into the risk associated with each excavator, facility, and dig site.
  • Customize risk factors to highlight tickets that need more attention.

  • Reduce damage by alerting risky offenders with automated notifications.

Insights with Artificial Intelligence

Incorporate risk models and machine learning to predict which locate requests are most likely to result in an incident and unlock data-driven insights for your damage prevention efforts.
  • Strengthen your damage prevention and safety efforts with high-accuracy predictions.
  • Leverage insight to send the right resources where they are needed most.

  • Build intelligence over time to drive the next best action for each 811 ticket and improve results.

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Training & Operator Qualifications

Deliver targeted, on-demand employee training and education to drive safety, promote continuing education, and meet organizational learning objectives.

  • Irth has consistently helped our company save millions of dollars a year by vastly reducing the number of crews we need to dispatch to our 811 locates.

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    Fortune 500 Telecommunications


See How Irth Solutions Can Manage Risk, Prevent Damage, and Protect Assets – Safely

Irth's market-leading SaaS platform improves resilience and reduces risk in the sustainable delivery of essential services that millions of people and businesses rely on every day. Energy, utility, and telecom companies across the U.S. and Canada trust Irth for damage prevention, training, asset inspections, and land management solutions. Powered by business intelligence, analytics, and geospatial data, our platform helps deliver the 360-degree situational awareness needed to proactively mitigate and manage risk of critical network infrastructure in a changing environment. Irth has been the top provider for 811 (one call) ticket management and utility locating software since 1995.

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