January 17, 2022

UtiliSphere’s Sketching Tool Enhances Damage Prevention Efforts

  • By Shane Mattix

Locators need tools to record activities comprehensively when they’re out in the field — whether they have internet access or not. When a locator can annotate details to an 811 ticket, your critical network infrastructure assets are better protected because a fuller picture is created of what’s transpiring in the field. With Irth Solutions UtiliSphere sketching capabilities, locators have the tool they need right at their fingertips.

What details can sketching provide?

Locators can document assets in 3D with our sketching functionality. By adding details to an activity that is taking place in the field, you can truly understand the relationship between the activity and the asset at risk.

What types of information can be documented?

Distances between assets, angle and depth of crossing, plus the exact location of the crossing can be documented and are key elements to defining the risk of an activity.

Why is sketching functionality important?

Not only will sketching enhance your damage prevention efforts and the safety of excavators, it allows you to be compliant with one call centers that require a sketch with the response. There is no need to take a picture of an offline sketch on paper to submit when you have sketching available right on our platform. You can easily create sketches, document in a three-dimensional way and better prepare your assets for risks found in the field.

How flexible is the sketching tool?

UtiliSphere’s sketching functionality offers tremendous flexibility. Users can start a sketch from a blank canvas, an image or a map. You can configure custom tools and toolboxes to be used by your team or access a robust set of built-in drawing tools such as free-hand drawing, polygons, arrows, text, facilities and images. A color picker allows users to set the color of a drawn element. Locators can use the text feature to comment directly on the image to provide an even greater level of detail.

How does UtiliSphere store sketches?

Sketches are considered attachments in UtiliSphere and therefore are part of your storage allotment.

Can I export drawings from UtiliSphere?

Yes! You can export sketches in either PNG or PDF formats from UtiliSphere.

Ready to have more clarity on dig site activities? Ask us about UtiliSphere’s sketching tool or log in to your account today to see what’s new.

Ready to have more clarity on dig site activities? Ask us about UtiliSphere’s sketching tool or log in to your account today to see what’s new.

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