May 3, 2022

Stake Center Locating: Driving Growth with Data Management

Stake Center Locating is on a digital transformation journey. The high-risk infrastructure and fiber optic locating company jettisoned legacy operations systems to focus on innovation and change. 

Stake Center Locating conducts more than 700,000 locates per month on communications, gas, power, cable and large fiber optic networks in 48 states. The company has been on the INC 5000 list six times and was named one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in the Triad Business Journal. And that growth has resulted in 8 million locates in 2021 and a forecast of 30% more for 2022. Stake Center knew it was time to transition from several legacy systems to a consolidated cloud-based solution.  

David Kennedy, CIO, Stake Center Locating, realized third-party experts with proven track records, willing and able to work together, were essential to lay the proper groundwork for Stake Center’s digital transformation.

“The upside of involving third-party experts in our transformation is allowing our whole team to be able to focus more on innovation and change,” said Kennedy.  

Technology to Drive Damage Prevention Industry Innovation

Transitioning the company’s ticket management system from legacy systems to a consolidated solution was a critical first step in Stake Center’s digital transformation journey. Kennedy sought a true partner that went beyond the typical client/vendor interaction and tools that made locators and front-line workers’ jobs easier. Stake Center found that partnership in Irth Solutions, and their collaboration will endeavor to meet client needs as they evolve. 

“If you look at our industry as a whole, back to the time that they had paper tickets, before they were even transmitted electronically, not a lot has changed in the past 20 years. How do you bring in AI and machine learning to analyze the millions of tickets we have. . .? How can we predict where damage is most likely to occur? How can we be proactive versus reactive and get to the root cause faster to find a solution? We believe we can leverage these emerging technologies to help shine a spotlight on that,” said Kennedy.  

  • We want to revolutionize the industry, and we found that focus on damage prevention with Irth Solutions.”

    David kennedy, cio, stake center locating

Data Drives Damage Prevention Decision-Making

Damage prevention is Stake Center’s No. 1 priority and consolidating data from disparate systems is key to making business decisions that drive positive change in damage prevention. Kennedy explained that Stake Center is always looking for new ways to pull data from emerging sources into their analysis. The more information you gather from locates and communicate to the ticket management system, the more successful your damage prevention and risk mitigation efforts will be.  

“We’re looking at every avenue to meet the goals of the business and our customers,” said Kennedy.  

To learn more about Stake Center Locating’s digital transformation journey and partnership with Irth Solutions, read the entire article in Interface Magazine.

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