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The Most Feature-Rich Asset Protection and Workforce Automation Software Available

UtiliSphere has been built for over a decade to serve Utilities, Municipalities, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications and Construction companies. With dozens of advanced features, you won’t find a more robust solution on the market.

Field & Workforce Management

Workload Manager

Managing workload between multiple field workers, tickets, work items and uses can become incredibly complex. UtiliSphere simplifies the process by providing visibility into all work assigned to users or folders, automatically calculating capacity and automatically reassigning work when a user is out.

QC Audits

UtiliSphere automates the manual and time-consuming ticket audit process by randomizing or auto-selecting tickets to audit, which are audited automatically and sent directly back to the field tech for immediate feedback and improvement.

Advanced Mapping
Dynamically map your assets as well as where and when work is scheduled and/or completed. With pinpoint accuracy, our maps display street and satellite with ERSI map layers. Layers can be activated with various assets — and maps can be leveraged to define workforce responsibility, measure distances, search for assets/locations, auto-suggest related work items, view worker’s locations in real time, see work in progress and many more advanced functions.

Intelligent Insight & Automation

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI and machine learning engine is continually getting smarter based on usage and initiate routine processes, creating incremental value over time. For example, UtiliSphere can review photos to determine if meters have rust or corrosion, are buried or surrounded by vegetation and initiate corrective actions if issues are detected.

SmartScore helps identify the risk of excavations and focus your team on critical tickets by analyzing multiple data points to calculate risk and determine high-profile or high-consequence areas.
Productivity Analysis
UtiliSphere empowers organizations with valuable productivity tools, including the ability to quantify user productivity and gain visibility into when and how users are working. This has resulted in 12% screener productivity gains and a 12% reduction in the number of tickets going to contact locators.

Decision Based Analytics

All software has reports and dashboards, UtiliSphere provides critical insights that allows you to take immediate action like: what has the highest risk, what needs repaired or who, if available, to handle the activity.

Seamless Data

Built-in APIs provide access to existing systems and unlock data in systems like document management, EAM, WOM, ERP, CRM, CMMS, barcode or home-grown legacy systems. Access mobile data in the field, in the office or across remote systems with convenient single sign-on.

No Code App Designer

Our no-code app designer empowers customizable, DIY digital forms and workflows in a collaborative, easy to use, test-and-publish environment.
Design forms with advanced functions...

Forms can have dynamic contextual intelligence, multiple field types, advanced nesting, tracking, auditing, alerts, triggers, calculations, data inputs, validation and verification.

Develop workflows with complex logic...

Embed complex logic in workflows built around how you operate for complete customization, automation and enforcement. This includes automatic work dispatch based on triggered, scheduled or timed events; advanced if/then actions and rules based on system conditions.

UtiliSphere Benefits

See how UtiliSphere benefits your business — from maximizing growth to improving operations.

Proven ROI

If you’re looking for a rapid return on investment that can transform your business, you’ve come to the right place.

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irth Solutions is the leading provider of cloud-based solutions for asset protection, mobile workforce management, 811 ticket management and no-code app creation. UtiliSphere reduces risk and maximizes business growth by protecting mission-critical business assets and optimizing the performance of people and the work they do. Our software helps organizations manage and reduce risk, decreases costs, increase revenue opportunities and ensure regulatory compliance. For decades, our solutions have helped hundreds of customers execute the work that is most important to their success. irth Solutions is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

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