One Call Center Notification

Precise and Accurate Damage Prevention Locate Requests

When precision matters, trust Irth’s 811 one call software powered by Exactix.

Our 811 one call center notification was built for the exact needs of one call centers. The end-user manages the entire process from uploading real-time facility data to determining where and how dig notifications are distributed. 

With custom geocoding tools, rather than off-the-shelf solutions, our one call center notification provides the most accurate and safe digging zones because it leverages multiple types of data. Users can upload map data, photos, plans, and other critical information to provide complete insight into the dig notification and status. 

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Best-in-Class 811 Call Center Notification

Developed specifically to bring safety and accuracy to damage prevention.  


Custom geocoder built to deliver extremely accurate dig site notification areas. 

Configurable User Roles

From uploading real-time facility data to determining where and how dig notifications are distributed, Exactix lets the end-user manage the entire process.

Enhanced Insights

Real-time interactive voice, text, email, and more plus the ability to submit photos and plans to make sure everyone has complete insight to the dig notification and status. 

Mobile Access

Excavators and locators can manage and respond to 811 notifications from their mobile device.

  • This is most precise and safe 811 call center notification built by the most experienced team in the industry.”

When it comes to damage prevention, nobody has Irth’s experience with 811 ticket management.

Our customers in the energy, gas utility, telecommunications, and electric utility industries have millions of miles of pipelines, cables, and critical network infrastructure that need constant, vigilant protection. We understand that one misguided excavation can result in serious injury to workers or a massive outage that could be crippling to business and communities.

By using Irth’s cloud-based platforms, companies can electronically receive, respond to, and resolve excavation requests. Our solution is connected to every one call center in North America, so you can manage 811 tickets no matter where your critical network infrastructure is. Our technology is also constantly updated to adhere to regulations across all states, provinces, and territories. We’re committed to ensuring your critical assets are functioning and protected from potential damage.

Protect your critical infrastructure, improve public safety, and meet time-sensitive regulations — all from one platform.

Irth's market-leading SaaS platform improves resilience and reduces risk in the sustainable delivery of essential services that millions of people and businesses rely on every day. Energy, utility, and telecom companies across the U.S. and Canada trust Irth for damage prevention, training, asset inspections, and land management solutions. Powered by business intelligence, analytics, and geospatial data, our platform helps deliver the 360-degree situational awareness needed to proactively mitigate and manage risk of critical network infrastructure in a changing environment. Irth has been the top provider for 811 (one call) ticket management and utility locating software since 1995.

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