UtiliSphere™ Sketching Tool Enables Comprehensive Communication

Enhance protection of your critical network infrastructure by creating a more complete picture of what’s transpiring in the field with UtiliSphere’s Sketching tool.

When locators are out in the field, they need a flexible tool to clearly note details or make corrections about an asset, location or markings — whether they have internet access or not. With Sketching, users can start from a blank canvas, an image or a map and then add specifics by freehand or use the drawing tool to select shapes, lines, arrows and more. UtiliSphere’s Sketching tool enables companies to improve or ensure accurate record keeping.

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Powerful Benefits of Sketching

Locators who use Sketching deliver insights that allow companies to reduce damages to critical network infrastructure.
Input real-time information into UtiliSphere about what they see in the field
Freehand draw or select shapes such as circles, squares, lines, arrows and double arrows to add detail to a blank canvas, an image or map
Edit (copy, cut and paste), zoom in and zoom out
Place callouts on a map
Auto-save and have the sketch available as an attachment
Customize the drawing and color palette (admin level) including adding icons, such as a tree or fire hydrant, or adding colors based on APWA uniform color codes or company specific colors
Count on UtiliSphere’s Sketching capabilities to give locators the flexibility required to communicate the complete picture of the considerations for an 811 ticket in real-time so you’re more informed to protect critical infrastructure assets.

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