Optimize Your Patrol Process

Modernize how you patrol pipelines by centralizing your reports and providing real-time data to proper personnel when recording observations.

Optimizing the patrol process for pipelines is essential for ensuring the safety and reliability of critical infrastructure. Provides real-time data to address hazards facing a surveyed pipeline. Risk levels and the next best action can be determined based on data collected from air and ground crews. Everything from observations to follow-ups is documented and saved with the ability to integrate with your system of record (EAM, ERP, etc.)

In addition, it can use breadcrumbing to track what assets have been surveyed and notify ground crews where to begin their surveys when weather prevents pilots from surveying from the air. This helps businesses meet PHMSA regulations and ensure that all assets are properly surveyed.

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Benefits of Using When Patrolling Pipelines

Enables real-time data transmission from the air to ground crews when patrolling, brings visibility to compliance-related inspections and documents observations into your system of record.

Real-Time Information

Provide real-time data to the appropriate personnel to address immediate threats to a pipeline. Ensure long-term threats are properly documented for future treatment.

Data-Informed Evaluation

Eliminates human error when judging risk threats on a pipeline by using collective data to evaluate the risk.


With breadcrumbing, users track what assets they patrolled and when, allowing other users, such as ground units, to survey missed assets.


Use AI to save time and cut costs by crossmatching encroachment reports to eliminate unnecessary trips to assets and notify the proper team if an obstruction is untreated.

Digestible Information

UtiliSphere centralizes data to make it easy to digest and respond to inspectors’ questions. 

“A client can go one place for an asset and find all the inspections and observations, and export that as one report for an inspector.”

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