Irth Enhances Risk Management Offerings With Methane Gas Detection

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Irth Solutions (“Irth”), a leading provider of SaaS solutions focused on reducing risk and improving the resiliency of critical network infrastructure, enhances its risk management offerings with methane gas leak detection. Irth’s Risk Management for Pipeline Integrity offering aggregates multiple data sources to identify and assess methane gas leaks and associated pipeline integrity risks.

“We are identifying and monitoring methane leaks at a broad network scale. Then we geospatially and temporally associate seismic activity, slope change, ground movement, excavations, foreign line crossings, and severe weather activity to more deeply identify risks to critical pipeline infrastructure,” said Brad Gammons, CEO of Irth. 

Since the Industrial Revolution, methane has been responsible for around 30% of the current rise in global temperature. Identifying methane emissions quickly and prioritizing them based on impact and risk can reduce emissions and improve safety, resilience, and operational efficiency. 

“We use our expertise and experience gained in identifying and understanding multiple disparate risk factors to improve outcomes in the damage prevention industry and now apply it to a set of activities and observations associated with a methane leak. We are pleased to work closely with IBM Research and Boston Geospatial to deliver this new offering to the market,” said Matthew Abbitt, Irth’s Chief Product Officer. 

“IBM is pleased to be working and partnering with Irth. The project leverages the geospatial-temporal AI capabilities of our Geospatial Discover Network to provide methane mitigation at continental scale,” said Johannes Schmude, Senior Research Scientist, IBM.

“Boston Geospatial is partnering and assisting Irth in the use of our comprehensive risk intelligence and near real-time alerts and monitoring, which help organizations understand and manage their exposure to natural hazards,” said Justin Oliveira, Boston Geospatial’s Chief Executive Officer. 

Irth provides a total risk score associated with the methane leak location so our customers can prioritize the best action and assign the right resources to address the leak. Automated communications based on risk level can deploy the appropriate personnel.

About Irth Solutions
Irth Solutions, a Blackstone Portfolio company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is the leading provider of SaaS solutions for damage prevention, risk management, and asset protection to improve the resilience of critical network infrastructure, including its flagship 811 ticket management solution. Clients have trusted Irth Solutions for decades to manage and reduce risk, decrease costs, increase revenue opportunities, and ensure regulatory compliance — artificial intelligence and analytics power additional insights for the early detection of emerging problems. Irth Solutions has helped hundreds of customers execute the work most important to their success in a world where safety, resilience, and reliability are paramount.

Irth's market-leading SaaS platform improves resilience and reduces risk in the sustainable delivery of essential services that millions of people and businesses rely on every day. Energy, utility, and telecom companies across the U.S. and Canada trust Irth for damage prevention, training, asset inspections, and land management solutions. Powered by business intelligence, analytics, and geospatial data, our platform helps deliver the 360-degree situational awareness needed to proactively mitigate and manage risk of critical network infrastructure in a changing environment. Irth has been the top provider for 811 (one call) ticket management and utility locating software since 1995.

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