July 18, 2023

How Irth & CGA Helped Arizona 811 Enhance its Training for Excavators

Common Ground Alliance (CGA) featured Irth’s customer Arizona 811 in a recent case study for using Coursettra, Irth’s training and operator qualifications solution, and Exactix, Irth’s one call center notification solution, to enhance its excavator training.

Arizona 811 leveraged CGA’s “Efficient Use of 811” video series to help excavators in the state use its 811 system more effectively. These easy-to-consume videos point out some of the issues that drive inefficiency. The videos share actionable steps for excavators and facility owners to streamline the 811 process. When excavators and facility owners don’t use the 811 system effectively, it can contribute to challenges, including inaccurate locates.

Arizona 811 added the videos to the announcement page of Exactix. Since 85% of Arizona’s 811 tickets go through Exactix it presented an ideal opportunity to engage with excavators who logged into the system as part of their damage prevention efforts.

Once an excavator logged in, they saw the video on the announcement page and could watch it when it would be most relevant to them.

Video Series Added to Coursettra for Ongoing Training

Additionally, the videos were added to Coursettra to enhance the training materials already available. When excavators are in learning mode already, they are more receptive to educational content.

More dynamic training contributes to better learning outcomes. With Coursettra, Arizona 811 can receive data to better understand the retention of the training information. After watching the video, viewers are asked questions about the content and can provide open-ended feedback.

Arizona 811 found that 64% of the viewers of the “Efficient Use of 811” videos provided responses to the follow-up questions. This feedback informs Arizona 811’s future training initiatives and is also valuable for CGA’s Educational Programs & Marketing Committee planning.

Arizona 811 Processes Over 500,000 Tickets Annually

Arizona 811 is a central stakeholder in damage prevention. By processing half a million 811 tickets each year, the organization understood the value of using Exactix and Coursettra for training to further its mission to promote the safety and welfare of the community.

Comprehensive excavator training includes:

  • Robust data gathered about damages to inform learning content and feedback on the effectiveness of training
  • Simple and digestible training materials
  • Easy access to online learning materials
  • Industry collaboration from all damage prevention stakeholders, including excavators, locators, and software providers

With proper training, the damage prevention industry can close gaps that make 811 systems inefficient.

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