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Ticket Management

How a Large Utility Company Decreased One Call Tickets 29% with UtiliSphere™

Executive Summary

A large utility provider had a significant challenge managing their diverse assets across hundreds of miles, and the resulting 2 million one call tickets their 1,000+ field workforce was responsible for annually. They implemented UtiliSphere™, a cloud-based mobile workforce software for ticket management. In the first year, they reduced worked tickets by 29%.

  • A large utility company needed a solution to reduce operational costs, while protecting assets, ensuring public safety and improving field productivity.

  • They implemented UtiliSphere for ticket management.

  • They realized a reduction in worked tickets, operational savings, and less damages the first year, and extended the software to additional use cases.

This case study is based on the experience of a large utility company in the United States.

  • UtiliSphere dramatically reduced tickets for the customer – which reduced costs and increased productivity in the field – all while ensuring the same level of public safety.”

    Trent Peugh

    President & CRO, Irth Solutions


The large utility company has a robust field workforce responsible for managing a diverse set of assets in urban and rural areas, resulting in over 2 million damage prevention tickets per year. Their existing processes were inefficient and required the coordination of hundreds of employees via paper, phone and in-person meetings.

They executed an internal audit and prioritized reducing operational costs and inefficiencies, while preventing damages to their assets, ensuring public safety and improving productivity.

Operational Costs

Damages to Assets

Public Safety



The utility company implemented UtiliSphere, a cloud-based mobile workforce management software by Irth Solutions, to manage ticket requests. The cloud-based software is secure with 99% uptime and available online and offline, even in the most rural areas. UtiliSphere’s robust functionality addresses several key areas:

  • Accurate mapping reduces tickets worked with automatic positive response outside of buffers.

  • Automation and routing dictates where, when and who receives tickets in the field.

  • Scheduling and dispatch alert capabilities ensure no work is missed.


Moving to UtiliSphere reduced worked one call tickets by 29% annually. Now the same size workforce can conduct more field work faster, increasing productivity and efficiency. The success of UtiliSphere prompted the utility company to extend the software to manage asset inspections and repairs.


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