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One Call Ticket Management

How a Fortune 500 Energy & Utility Company Reduced Costs by 30% and Saved Over $1M Per Year

This case study is based on the experience of a leading energy and utility company ranked in the top 50 on the Fortune 500.


For several years, a large energy and utility provider operated one call ticket processes using an outdated on-premise application. Their under-resourced IT department lacked the bandwidth to update the system with newer releases, so the technology was severely antiquated. Because the dated application only supported ticket management, the company required other solutions to manage their various field activities, including custom-built front-end and mobile applications. This created a complex environment of systems, Excel spreadsheets and manual processes that were difficult to manage, inefficient and expensive. They recognized their existing infrastructure was insufficient and they needed another solution.


Utilisphere™ was the perfect cloud-based and mobile-ready solution to address the specific issues the leading energy and utility company encountered. Utilisphere provides a comprehensive solution to one call ticket management and mobile Workforce Management.  

This allows the company to consolidate their entire damage prevention, mobile work and asset management processes into one streamlined software suite.

With the product’s automated quarterly release schedule, the company also receives the most up-to-date technology available on any device and operating system.

  • An analysis conducted by the company revealed that Utilisphere enabled them to reduce costs by 30% and save over $1M per year.”


An analysis conducted by the company revealed that Utilisphere enabled them to reduce costs by 30% and save over $1M per year. With Utilisphere, the company has significantly saved time and money, consolidated their software applications, increased compliance and received greater visibility into the performance of the business.

Today, this company depends on Utilisphere for:

  • Data standardization

  • Right of way management

  • Health and environmental safety

  • And more

The benefits Utilisphere provided include:

With increased usage of Utilisphere, the leading energy and utility company continues to experience a more productive workforce, increased operational efficiency and reduced compliance risk. They depend on Utilisphere as the single software solution to run their entire damage prevention, mobile work and asset management processes well into the future.

Cost Savings

Utilisphere enabled the company to consolidate their applications into one system, reducing single-focused software and subscription costs. The IT department is no longer required to manually maintain multiple system and hardware applications for data storage resulting in increased cost savings.

Increased Compliance

Because the company manages numerous processes in UtiliSphere, they can easily correlate data that would have previously been inaccessible, non-existent or residing in disparate systems. They can now ensure required protocols are met and quickly pull data for compliance audits.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

With more direct communication and increased workforce collaboration, Utilisphere enables the company to eliminate redundant steps and trim wasted time. They have configured custom forms to replicate their complex workflows, reducing the amount of time required to capture data. Related forms allow data to pre-fill and prevent double entry, saving significant time completing field or office tasks. Workflow rules trigger dependent processes and send automated notifications allowing work to be responded to without delay.

Increased Visibility

In-depth reporting and analytics provide the company with insights for critical decision-making. Utilisphere verifies, measures, pinpoints and reports outcomes that are important to their business, allowing the company to monitor and analyze work results. They can verify where work was completed via GPS, track the start and end time of work completed, conduct analysis on work in context with assets and location on a map, and more—all within one central location.


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