811 Ticket Management

Powerful, Efficient 811 Ticket Management for Damage Prevention

When it comes to asset protection, no one understands the importance of 811 more than oil and gas, utility, telecommunications, electric, municipalities and contract locator companies. With miles of pipelines, cables and critical infrastructure, one mis-guided excavation can cause a massive outage that could be crippling to a business.

Using UtiliSphere, companies can electronically receive, respond to and resolve excavation requests in an automated fashion — ensuring your critical assets are functioning around the clock and protecting critical underground facilities, ensuring public safety, and meeting time-sensitive regulations.

Regulations Compliance & Safety

Comply with Regulations
Ensure processes are conducted within federal and state laws, and you can quickly reply to auditor requests with easy access to critical information.
Improve Safety
Protecting people and assets is the most critical function of your damage prevention process. Ensuring the ticket is dispatched to the right tech in a timely manner ensures your facilities are correctly marked prior to the start of excavation. Automated dispatching along with the ability to manually dispatch using advanced mapping help you to achieve this goal.

Job Site Management & Visualization

Map Facilities and Locations

Facility and location shapes can be imported or manually drawn to represent systems and buffers or areas of locator responsibility.

Visualize Dig Sites
Accurately and comprehensively pinpoint dig sites on a map and quickly identify if they are a hazard.

Operational Efficiencies & Cost Containment

Increase Efficiency

Capture, access and share information from anywhere with industry-leading screening and automation tools.

Optimize Operational Costs
UtiliSphere is a cloud-based, mobile solution that requires no local installation, so costs can be allocated to suit business needs.

"UtiliSphere has consistently helped our company save millions of dollars a year by vastly reducing the number of crews we need to dispatch to do our 811 locates."

VP Operations, Fortune 500 Energy & Utility Company


  • Comprehensive one call ticket management
  • Automated ticket screening, routing & dispatching
  • Automated positive response
  • Accurate geo-location mapping
  • Document and image attachments
  • Mobile optimized – any device or os
  • Configurable data capture forms
  • Automated, customizable workflows
  • Work portal for tasks, alerts & notifications
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Seamless integrations with internal and external systems
  • Utility locating

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irth Solutions is the leading provider of cloud-based solutions for asset protection, mobile workforce management, 811 ticket management and no-code app creation. UtiliSphere reduces risk and maximizes business growth by protecting mission-critical business assets and optimizing the performance of people and the work they do. Our software helps organizations manage and reduce risk, decreases costs, increase revenue opportunities and ensure regulatory compliance. For decades, our solutions have helped hundreds of customers execute the work that is most important to their success. irth Solutions is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

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