Protecting Critical Network Infrastructure 24/7

You can’t protect what you can’t plan for. Unplanned events such as no 811 ticket, an incorrect locate, natural disasters, equipment failures and security breaches threaten critical network infrastructure daily.

Irth Solution’s platform, UtiliSphere, empowers users to address key work processes that affect the resiliency and reliability of critical infrastructure as well as the safety of workers. With the integration of Terra Sound’s fiber optic technology and intelligent monitoring system, you can receive unprecedented protection for your assets.

The technology monitors and detects vibrations, whether they’re caused by heavy equipment, a leak in a high-pressure system or someone climbing a fence to gain unauthorized access. Appropriate personnel will then be immediately notified to dispatch technicians and investigate the disturbance.

Combine Irth Solutions with Terra Sound Technology and:

  • Bring visibility into all activity around critical infrastructure
  • Receive real-time alerts of any disturbance on or near your assets
  • Prevent unauthorized activities
  • Reduce damage due to excavations by up to 100%, even when an 811 ticket isn’t filed

Learn how you can have a planned approach to unplanned events by combining Irth Solutions with Terra Sound Technology.

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Irth Solutions is the leading provider of cloud-based asset protection solutions to improve resilience of critical asset infrastructure, including their flagship solution for 811 ticket management. Artificial intelligence and analytics power additional insights for early detection of emerging problems. Irth Solutions has helped hundreds of customers execute the work that is most important to their success in a world where safety, resilience and reliability are paramount. 

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