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Gain Deeper Insight. Take Better Actions.

Energy and  utility companies strive to optimize product flow safely and efficiently, and doing so effectively requires a deep understanding of underground product delivery systems. Do you struggle to gain a comprehensive view of all data associated with your product delivery systems (pipelines, cables, grids)? Is it difficult to allocate resources and set priorities because your data is being viewed in multiple silos?

UtiliSphere Intelligence Center correlates and visualizes data from multiple sources – including from both internal and external systems – enabling you to more effectively make decisions, prioritize resources, plan projects, and allocate budgets.

From interactive geographical map views to instant dashboard feedback and self-service analytics with key performance metrics, Intelligence Center provides an information-rich workspace that directly impacts operations. Intelligence Center brings together data to help answer the most important questions around delivery system protection, safety and compliance.

Streetview in Geo Data Viewer

See street views of all data points associated with an underground product delivery system using the Geo Data Viewer in UtiliSphere Intelligence Center.

Gain Visibility

Gain deeper insight into activity and trends related to product delivery systems. This can enable more-informed decisions and better communication across and beyond the organization.

Reduce Risk

Leverage both historical and current data to identify trends and take preemptive actions to reduce risk, such as those related to damages, and maintain operations.

Properly Allocate Resources

Insight gained from correlating organization-wide information enables managers to more effectively prioritize projects and allocate resources for public awareness, new construction, maintenance, and repairs.

Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Not only does UtiliSphere help automate and manage processes that often fall under strict regulations, Intelligence Center centrally stores related data, simplifying the audit process and helps to maintain compliance.

See Results Quickly

UtiliSphere is a cloud-based solution. This means no local installation is required, costs can be allocated to suit business needs, product updates are available immediately, and critical data is secure.


Feature Description
Interactive Mapping See historical and current, Integrity and Damage Prevention data on one map. Manipulate the data elements that are displayed on the map by choosing Tickets, HCA, CLA, ILI Facility, ILI Anomaly, Damage Risk, Incidents, Public Awareness, and field operation data layers.
Trending Analysis Display data for a single year or display data for all years to view trends and easily slide to a year to choose the timeframe for the data displayed on the map.
Customizable Dashboards Gain key system activity insight with customizable dashboards featuring drill-down capability and enhanced visualizations.
Self-Service Analytics Make better, more informed decisions with ad-hoc data analysis capabilities that empower users to access and analyze real-time data. Easily share data across teams for increased collaboration.
A high level view showing regions with increased activities. Example includes tickets, damages and anomalies.
See groups of tickets on the map. Click on one ticket to see the attributes. Use the slider to view tickets over time.
See a higher lever view of damage prevention and integrity data on the map.
Zoom in further to see many data points. Example includes an HCA region with the potential impact radius, anomalies and facilities. Can also include associated tickets.
View trends related to ticket data over a period of time.
Dashboard view of how many tickets are open by type and how many tickets are coming due.