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Protecting the Integrity of Pipelines

Protecting and safely operating pipelines calls for a sound Integrity Management Plan. Operators are driven to follow regulations, including the PHMSA Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) or Transmission Integrity Management Program (TIMP) guidelines (or both). Do you have a reliable process in place to meet regulatory requirements?

Our GIS Services Group offers Integrity Solutions to enable both Transmission and Distribution pipeline operators to leverage a repeatable and verifiable methodology that falls within PHMSA’s Integrity Management Program guidelines, combined with the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date data available.

Our expert team collects, analyzes and delivers critical integrity management information for assessing pipeline risk and complying with industry regulations. This enables pipeline operators to…

  • Manage pipeline risk assessment
  • Protect and safely operate pipelines within Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP)
  • Comply with PHMSA Integrity Management Plan regulations
  • Optimize construction, maintenance, and operational resource decisions

Since 1997, we’ve been delivering GIS services and expertise to the energy & utility industries, so you can feel confident that the irth Solutions team understands your unique needs.

Improve Delivery System Protection

Our team helps pipeline operators better understand and manage pipeline risk, minimizing disruption and enabling operation at, or near, Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP).

Achieve Compliance

Pipeline operators can feel confident in their ability to more easily pass audits with GIS Services Group Solutions as a core component of their integrity management program. Our experts follow a repeatable and verifiable methodology that falls within PHMSA’s Integrity Management guidelines to collect, verify and analyze comprehensive data.

Enhance Safety

The GIS Services Group delivers comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate integrity management data that helps pipeline operators properly prioritize maintenance activities to ensure the safety of all parties.

Integrity Management Data Services

Our expert team provides Integrity Management Data Services and delivers the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date GIS data for integrity management needs. Acquired using a repeatable, verifiable methodology that suits federal and state regulations, pipeline companies can feel confident using the data to fuel Integrity Management activities, such as identifying High Consequence Areas (HCAs) and Class Locations for both liquid and gas.

HCA Analysis

Transmission Operators must identify all high-consequence areas (HCAs) that fall within the pipeline impact radius. HCA Analysis identifies and maps HCAs along the pipeline corridor, leveraging the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date data. This provides peace of mind that you’re meeting PHMSA requirements!

Class Location Analysis

Class Location Analysis identifies and maps Class Locations along any pipeline corridor, leveraging the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date data related to Class Locations. This means safer operations and easier PHMSA audits!

ILI Anomaly Mapping

By methodically extracting In-Line Inspection (ILI) information, ILI Anomaly Mapping migrates the operator’s ILI anomaly data to a GIS format that can be overlaid with the operator’s GIS pipeline network. The integration of ILI data with GIS accurately depicts the spatial alignment in relation to the pipeline centerline and related pipeline data, segments. The GIS Services Group visually represents pipeline facility data in a three-dimensional GIS format for improved accuracy of a buried pipeline’s physical location and safer operations!

ILI Facility Mapping

ILI Facility Mapping identifies areas that require realignment, enabling operators to accurately re-align the pipeline centerline and related facility assets, such as valves, joints and flanges. This means all facility characteristics are up-to-date, improved accuracy of a buried pipeline’s physical location, and safer operations!

Damage Risk Analysis

Damage Risk Analysis identifies pipeline risk associated with excavations and incidents. We perform full spatial analysis of 811 ticket volume, pipeline incidents and characteristics surrounding the pipeline for a deeper understanding of the risks associated with excavation, the consequences of a failure and the insight to enable preventative actions to mitigate risk.

Alignment Sheet Generation

The irth Solutions team also provides comprehensive and dynamic data for increased accuracy of pipeline alignment data, delivered via fully customized and personalized digital alignment sheets (PDF, GIS format, GeoPDF). Paper alignment sheets are also available.

Data Needs Assessments

Not sure where to start? Even organizations with Integrity Management processes and programs in place may have specific areas where irth Solutions can augment your data to help achieve full PHMSA compliance. Our GIS and Regulatory Data Needs Assessments can help you identify gaps and areas for improvement in your integrity management processes.