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Energy and utility organizations often have inefficient field processes for responding to the aggressive maintenance and operations needs of product delivery systems, but must ensure safety and have the ability to meet government regulations. The field workforce typically uses paper documents or homegrown spreadsheets with manual processes.

Because much of this data is gathered manually, it is often incomplete and inaccurate, and is stored in isolated systems, online directories or file cabinets that can be nearly impossible to track over time. Manual processes can result in missing, lost or delayed information that decreases field productivity and increases operational costs.

UtiliSphere FieldView is a cloud-based, mobile solution that automates field processes and manages field data to optimize maintenance and operations activities. By integrating GIS and workforce scheduling, dispatching and routing, FieldView helps to increase field productivity and maximize the performance of critical assets.

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Paper to Digital

Increase time spent on high-value work by providing a consistent, digital method to track activities. No more paper, misplaced files or incomplete information!

Improve Productivity

Increases field focus and time spend on high-value work by optimizing workflows like scheduling, dispatching and routing.

Reduce Operational Cost

Enforces workflows, and correlates data for better resource prioritization and project planning.

Integrate with Existing Enterprise Systems

Customizable workflows seamlessly integrate with existing GIS, CRM, ERP, work order, and asset management systems.

Increase Safety

Collect, analyze and communicate critical information with proven processes to help ensure the safety of the workforce and the public.

Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Automate and manage processes that often fall under strict regulations, and centrally store related data to simplify the audit process.

Available Everywhere

UtiliSphere is a cloud-based, mobile solution. This means no local installation is required, costs can be allocated to suit business needs, product updates are available immediately, and critical data is secure.

Feature Description
Customizable Forms Customizable data collection forms can be created to accommodate unique policies and procedures. Each form can be placed into multiple categories.
Complex Workflows Link multiple processes together for workflow management and reporting. For instance, link a damage ticket or form, to an inspection and link an inspection form to a repair form.
Scheduling Automatically schedule user, date and time based on the type of form and the area.
Dispatching Reduce costs by automatically assigning due dates and resources by area and type of work. Automatically notify stakeholders – including management and the field – when an activity or action occurs in the process.
Routing Displays the best route between multiple work sites. Manage unexpected events by changing the route throughout the day. Provides estimated arrival times and work duration for better work efficiency.
Interactive Mapping (GIS) View and correlate field activity data on a map. For example, see facilities and assets on a map while getting accurate geocoding activity location and routing.
Document and Photo Attachments Easily attach pictures and documents associated with field activities.
Exports Dynamic exports and self-service reports for each field activity enable detailed analysis and integration with other systems.
Self-Service Reports Create reports based on field activity metrics to help with planning and resource management.
Mobile Application Create and update activity, upload attachments, and view field activities locations in areas.

UtiliSphere FieldView simplifies the collection and processing of data associated with field workforce activities from start to completion. A cloud-based solution, FieldView conforms to unique processes by handling different workflows via customizable collection forms. Examples of these activities include:

Incident & Claims Tracking

Track any incident and streamline the claims intake process from the initial report to litigation.

Recoup More Costs and Recoup Them Quicker
By gathering the most accurate and comprehensive data possible using FieldView for incident tracking, you can feel confident as you prepare for the next litigation. Automating the incident and claims management process reduces the time between accident and cost recovery.

Ensure Compliance
FieldView provides a complete audit history of incident or accident, making it easier to comply with audit requests.

Reduce Future Incidents
Gain deeper understanding of historical trends, such as problem areas, annual cost, and recurring excavators, by matching incidents with excavators and excavation requests.

Encroachment, Field Meets & Standbys

Consistently monitor and track activities that are close to your underground assets.

Streamline Response to Audits
Centrally gather, log, store, and report on data related to high-risk activities such as excavations extremely close to the pipeline, fiber line or electric line. This means all required data is complete and easy to access in the event of an audit.

Improve Efficiency
FieldView provides a consistent, digital method for your field workforce to track and monitor high-risk activities. This means no more paper, misplaced files or incomplete information.

Additional Scenarios

FieldView can be used for almost any scenario where organizations could benefit from automating and digitizing important field-based data:
• Inspections
• Repairs
• Foreign Crossings
• Surveys
• Leak Detection
• GIS Corrections
• Identified Site Validation for HCAs
• Let us know what activities and custom forms are important to you!

Choose the items you want to route along with the route order.
FieldView will reorder the route based on the optimum driving distance.
Track any incident and streamline the claims intake process from the initial report to litigation.
Consistently monitor and track activities that are close to your underground assets.
Forms have customizable fields and the ability to view the location of a field activity on a map.
View FieldView map layers on the Geo Data Viewer in Intelligence Center