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irth UtiliSphere Features

irth UtiliSphere can truly transform any business.

Take a look at UtiliSphere's features:

To achieve business growth, you must maximize the performance of your people, the work they do, and the assets they use. Read the features below to learn how UtiliSphere helps achieve maximum performance that fuels business growth.

One Call Ticket Management 

UtiliSphere has the premier, leading One Call ticket management solution in the industry. Using UtiliSphere, organizations can electronically receive, respond to and resolve excavation requests. The solution includes customizable rules for automatic ticket routing and dispatching and One Call ticket screening with facility and responsibility mapping. Facility shapes can be imported or manually drawn to represent systems and buffers or areas of locator responsibility. In addition, location shapes can be exported to third party GIS systems. Other features include automated positive response to the One Call center, utility company, locator and excavator via email, voice, fax or manual call, and the ability to accurately and comprehensively pinpoint dig sites on a map.

Key Benefits See More

  • Mapping algorithms are designed for safety and accuracy
  • Quickly identify if dig sites are a hazard
  • Eliminates manual processes
  • Improves compliance with ever-changing local laws
  • Eliminates the need for dispatching when excavation does not require an activity

No-Code Customizable Form Designer 

Our unique no-code form designer empowers customizable, DIY digital form design in a collaborative, easy to use, test and publish environment. Forms can be designed with advanced functions like dynamic contextual intelligence, multiple field types, advanced nesting, tracking, auditing, alerts, triggers, calculations, data inputs, validation and verification.

Key Benefits See More

  • Improves process efficiencies company-wide
  • Eliminates human error
  • Empowers real time data capture
  • Ensures accurate and complete information capture
  • 100% customized to your business processes
  • Empowers you to use the data you capture

Mobile Device Access 

Mobile access allows data collection on any laptop, tablet, smartphones or remote device in any OS, online or offline (even mapping functionality). Universally compatible with any device, UtiliSphere can be deployed and interchanged with different operating systems at any time. Advanced features include photo and document capture, responsive user interfaces, GPS integration, work prioritization, customizable push notifications, signature capture, speech-to-text, turn-by-turn directions and more.

Key Benefits See More

  • Empowers remote workers globally
  • Allows data capture in the field; connected or not
  • Lets you deploy the hardware you have in place
  • Future-proofs your investment against future technology changes
  • Empowers data collection with or without internet access

Work and Asset Mapping 

UtiliSphere gives you the ability to dynamically map your assets as well as where and when work is scheduled and/or completed. With pinpoint accuracy, our maps display street and satellite with ERSI map layers. Layers can be activated with various assets — and maps can be leveraged to define workforce responsibility, measure distances, search for assets/locations, auto-suggest related work items, view worker’s locations in real time, see work in progress and many more advanced functions.

Key Benefits See More

  • Ties physical assets to critical workflows
  • Delivers critical information to local technicians
  • Enables users to “see” sales opportunities for growing revenue
  • Ensures compliance with local, state and federal requirements
  • Enhances automated scheduling, dispatching and notifications

Configurable Process Automation Designer 

Using UtiliSphere, entire work processes can be completely customized, automated and enforced. This includes automatic work dispatch (individuals or groups) based on triggered, scheduled or timed events; advanced if/then actions and rules based on system conditions; and recurring workforce notifications. In addition, workforce automation can be extended to third parties and contractors.

Key Benefits See More

  • Automates your processes and workforce
  • Provides visibility into who’s in the filed and why
  • Enforces critical policies and procedures
  • Dispatches the right workers for the right job
  • Notifies individuals of critical work to save time and money

Customized Scheduling and Routing 

UtiliSphere has the ability to schedule and optimize routes to job sites with automated routing or manual overrides — including the ability to take into account average time on a job site and travel time. This allows organizations to better plan jobs, communicate arrival times to customers or site managers, provide notices and alerts and develop advanced schedules.

Key Benefits See More

  • Saves travel time, fuel and optimizes routes
  • Allows jobs to get done faster with more efficiency
  • Improves customer communication
  • Drives job-site efficiencies
  • Expedites customer communication and invoicing

Reporting and Analytics 

UtiliSphere provides Reporting and Analytics with the opportunities to drill down into every aspect of your business and create custom DIY reports with visually rich charts, graphs and complex data comparisons. Information can also be viewed on a map, exported to multiple file formats and indexed by time, work type, work cluster and more.

Key Benefits See More

  • Provides insight into cost optimization and profitability
  • Allows organizational visibility into KPIs to drive company-wide improvement
  • Drives information for proactive budgeting and planning against historical data

Integration with Internal and External Systems 

The built-in APIs within UtiliSphere allow it to push and pull data bi-directionally to and from other systems automatically — including systems such as document management, EAM, WOM, ERP, CRM and CMMS; or any custom-developed or accessible system such as barcode and inventory systems. This can be done in the field, in the office, across remote systems or mobile devices. Single sign-on can also be leveraged for system access, ensuring compliance and reducing the need for multiple passwords.

Key Benefits See More

  • Extend and get more value from the technology you already have in place
  • Trigger critical events and processes from systems outside of UtiliSphere
  • Capture data from remote monitoring devices for predictive maintenance (IoT)
  • Unlock trapped or siloed data from existing internal systems

Ease of Use, Scalability and Availability 

Not only is UtiliSphere extremely easy to use with an intuitive user interface, it is highly scalable and and boasts a 99.9% uptime with proven reliability. It is deployed in the cloud with multi-tiered security, giving you the peace of mind that your critical data and company information will always be safe.

Key Benefits See More

  • Scales with you as your business grows
  • Training time is minimal and ramp-up is fast
  • Always available when you need it; no downtime
  • Product updates are immediate
  • Data is secure